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Drinking MILK could prevent a cardiac arrest: Low calcium levels double the risk of the heart suddenly stopping

Drinking milk may lower the risk of suffering cardiac arrest, according to researchers. They found people with the lowest blood calcium levels are twice as likely to have their heart suddenly stop working. Raising such levels by drinking more milk or snacking on cheese offers protection, scientists at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles believe. Cardiac arrests, […]

The Case Against Low-fat Milk Is Stronger Than Ever

For years you’ve been told to go for skim over full-fat dairy. Even the latest dietary guidelines for Americans urge people to avoid the full fat, and following this lead, school lunch programs provide only low-fat milk and no whole milk at all, even though they do allow chocolate skim milk with its added sugars. […]

دستگاه لاکتواسکن مدل MCC WS

        دستگاه آنالایزر شیر Lactoscan MCC SW نسل جدید لاکتواسکن های پیشرفته شرکت Milkotronic می باشد که بر پایه سیستم اولتراسونیک کار میکند .   در این دستگاه تبلت جایگزین صفحه نمایش شده که با استفاده از نرم افزار Windows امکان ارسال اطلاعات بصورت SMS  Email , Bluetooth  را فراهم کرده است  . همچنین جهت […]